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First: Sacran is the largest mega-molecule in the polysaccharides ever discovered.
Molecules are usually nano-scaled, but sacran is the largest polysaccharide used in various fields.

The sacran molecule is 11 times larger than hyaluronan
(Source: Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) Sacran's larger size means that it can remain on the skin with several moisturizing effects.

Sacran absorbs large amounts of water to form gels.
Laser microscopic image of sacran.
Second: Sacran’ s extraordinary moisture-holding ability
Its water-retention ability is 5 times higher than microbial hyaluronate. Its saline-retention ability is 10 times higher than microbial hyaluronate.
Sacran shows extraordinary moisture-holding ability in pure water as well as in
various salines.
Why is water-holding capacity so important? Because water is an essential ingredient of healthy skin. It promotes the normal turnover of skin cells and normalizes the barrier function of the stratum corneum, the outermost layer of the skin. The stratum corneum protects by blocking external stimulation and by preventing excessive evaporation of water from the skin.

We know that sensitive skin is caused by a drop in the protective function of the stratum corneum. Sensitive skin may also result from the effects of ingredients in cosmetics that may irritate and infiltrate the skin’s stratum corneum. For this reason, a person with sensitive skin must consume plenty of water to maintain and supplement the moisture already in the skin.

On the other hand, aging skin looses its ability to retain water and moisture due to a decrease in oil production indispensable for water maintenance. As with sensitive skin, sufficient water and oil are the most important factors in caring for skin, both of which are in short supply as we age. Sacran holds on to this essential water in sensitive and aging skin. And sacran continues to maintain a water-rich environment as long as it remains on the skin.
Third: Sacran holds on to water, making it hard to evaporate.
As a result, sacran exerts a superior moisture-retention power.

Bound waters


Moisture-retention treatment is the most important way to prevent aging of the skin and improve the health of sensitive skin. Sacran not only binds water to the skin extremely well but also supports moisture-retention at triple the rate of hyaluronate.

What`s the binding water?
 Unlike free water, which can easily evaporate, bound water binds strongly to another
material and stays on without evaporating. Bound water, in the form of moisture, is the
water most needed for healthy skin.
Fourth: The splendid coating and barrier power of sacran
Sacran forms an ultrathin film, like an extra layer of skin, to thoroughly protect skin from irritation and dryness. Sacran also acts as a barrier to defend against internal and external invasions--such as bacteria, a virus or a chemical substance--that may be lacking in aging and sensitive skin.
Sacran water-renetion membrane coating skin. Sacran fibers efficiently coat the skin by forming nano-networks.  
Sacran acts like a layer of your own skin
Sacran thoroughly coats the skin to enhance water retention due to its large size and salt-resistance ability. The coating membrane protects the skin from external stimuli such as allergens and toxins, while it revives and conditions the skin. Sacran is so strong that it stays put until you wash it off.

In sensitive and aging skin, the cells of the stratum corneum are displaced, allowing internal water to easily evaporate and external irritants to easily invade the skin. The mega-molecule sacran covers the skin surface, thoroughly coating it without being absorbed. In this way, sacran holds on to water that is about to evaporate and forms a veil of diluted water (a water-preservation film) over the skin.

The water-preservation film
The water-preservation film of sacran also adds tension to the skin, similar to collagen. In fact, the coverage power of sacran on the skin may be even more complete because the sacran molecule is much larger than collagen. This property of sacran allows the product to be applied thinly and homogeneously without lumping. There is no “painted on” or “heavy” feeling on the skin.